St. Mary's County Project

Ducks Unlimited has been involved in wetland restoration on private lands in Maryland for over 20 years and is actively involved in partnering with local landowners to restore wetland habitat. One example of these efforts can be found locally. DU is currently engaged in a wetland restoration project located in southern St. Mary’s county.

The objective of this project is to restore eight acres of wetland habitat and adjacent upland grassland buffer in a prior converted agricultural field. Restoring highly erodible agricultural land, within close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, re-establishes valuable wetland and upland buffer habitat which will serve to improve water quality and the overall health of the Bay. This project will also create high quality habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds and other species of wetland-dependent wildlife.

To date, DU has completed 13 projects within St. Mary’s county alone. These projects add up to nearly 500 acres of restored or enhanced wetlands and another 500 acres of land for which DU has provided technical assistance. The DU conservation staff is proud to report that your funds are indeed being put to use for waterfowl habitat improvement very close to home.